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Becoming a Basic EMT

An EMT or emergency medical technician is responsible for helping an injured or wounded person before they reach the hospital to be treated by a doctor or a nurse. These EMTs are the first respondents to an emergency situation and are the ones responsible for treating a patient during the ambulance ride to the hospital. EMTs usually learn how to control respiratory functions, cardiac functions and are able to handle trauma emergencies. Becoming an EMT is an important for our society and learning the proper ways of an EMT can mean the life or death of someone.

EMT Paramedic

The process for becoming a basic EMT has been made easier by online classes and amount of community colleges and trade schools that offer EMT basic courses. Once the student has found a local EMT school and signs up, then they can immediately start their road to becoming a basic EMT. The first thing a prospective EMT needs is they must be at least 18 years old when they start. Also, one must have before entering EMT training is CPR training and they must be certified in CPR to start training as an EMT. Once EMT school has begun, the student will learn a variety of things that will help them in any situation they come across. Students will learn about how to operate and maintain the equipment that they will need when they start going out into the field. This equipment ranges from operation of the ambulance, stretchers and backboards. They will learn proper technique and when to use each specific piece of equipment. In EMT school, they also teach students all the basic traumatic situations that they are likely to deal with. The most common emergencies and skills EMT students will learn are: bleeding, heart attack, difficulty breathing, sports injuries (broken bones, concussions), seizures and childbirth.

EMT Paramedic Training

Completing the EMT schooling is usually around 115-120 hours of in class study along with passing their respective states requirements. Every state in the United States has different requirements and most states require the student of passing a written test followed by performing a skills assessment of things learned in EMT school. This skills assessment is usually hands on and requires a student to put into practice what they have learned throughout EMT school. After completion of these tests successfully, students must pass a national test known as the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Exam (NREMT). This is a necessity to become a license EMT. This exam is administered on a computer based system and assesses the basic skills one should have learned on patient care and everything that must be done to get a patient to the hospital safely.

There will always be a need for EMTs in this society. With all of the opportunities available to the public today, becoming a successful and worthy EMT is easier then ever before.

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